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29 Juin 2017

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A Quiberon et St Pierre Quiberon, toute l'info de la presqu'île

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St Pierre

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Pierre - Paul

C'était aussi un 29 / 6

Premier journal télévisé français en direct présenté par Pierre Sabbagh.

Né(e) un 29 / 6 / 1921
Frédéric Dard

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- N.Y Times 2 : international

NYT > World

en-us Copyright 2017 The New York Times Company Thu, 29 Jun 2017 10:20:27 GMT NYT > World https://static01.nyt.com/images/misc/NYT_logo_rss_250x40.png https://www.nytimes.com/pages/world/index.html?partner=rss&emc=rss Once a Model City, Hong Kong Is in Trouble https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/29/world/asia/hong-kong-china-handover.html?partner=rss&emc=rss https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/29/world/asia/hong-kong-china-handover.html Hong Kong’s glittering skyline. The perception of the city as a vibrant crossroads that might offer a way forward for the mainland is fading fast. Lam Yik Fei for The New York Times When the British left 20 years ago, Hong Kong was seen as a rare blend of East and West that China might seek to emulate. Now, increasingly, it’s a cautionary tale.

Once a Model City, Hong Kong Is in Trouble

When the British left 20 years ago, Hong Kong was seen as a rare blend of East and West that China might seek to emulate. Now, increasingly, it’s a cautionary tale.

(29/06/2017 @ 11:22)

Australian Cardinal and Aide to Pope Is Charged With Sexual Assault

Cardinal George Pell, the country’s most senior Roman Catholic prelate and the Vatican’s de facto finance chief, has been ordered to appear in court next month.

(29/06/2017 @ 04:50)

Amid Turkey’s Purge, a Renewed Attack on Kurdish Culture

The authorities have fired people from jobs promoting Kurdish culture, removed statues of Kurdish heroes, shut Kurdish media and jailed pro-Kurdish journalists.

(29/06/2017 @ 06:01)

Trump’s R.S.V.P. to Macron: Yes to Bastille Day in Paris

When the White House asked if the trip would be worth Mr. Trump’s time, the French president said it would be a powerful symbol of trans-Atlantic unity.

(29/06/2017 @ 03:08)

ISIS Reverts to Insurgent Roots to Pose Long-Term Threat, Study Says

Islamic State militants have carried out nearly 1,500 attacks in cities in Iraq and Syria that were liberated from its control, according to a new study.

(29/06/2017 @ 11:01)

Reporter’s Notebook: Toll From Vigilante Mobs Rises, and India Begins to Recoil

As thousands turned out for protests against rising violence toward Muslims and lower-caste Indians, many wondered: How did we get here?

(29/06/2017 @ 10:11)

What to Watch For: Hong Kong, 20 Years After the Handover

Commemorations and protests are expected on the anniversary of the return of the territory to China after 156 years of British rule.

(29/06/2017 @ 10:45)

Ketumile Masire, Who Shaped and Led a Vibrant Botswana, Dies at 91

President Masire was instrumental in transforming his arid, destitute country into the envy of other African nations.

(29/06/2017 @ 06:48)

Europe Edition: Ransomware, George Pell, Confederations Cup: Your Thursday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

(29/06/2017 @ 09:30)

Deposed Saudi Prince Is Said to Be Confined to Palace

The restrictions on Mohammed bin Nayef seek to limit any potential opposition for the new crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, American officials and Saudis say.

(29/06/2017 @ 04:28)

Parents of Austin Tice, Held Hostage in Syria, Say He Is Alive

Marc and Debra Tice said that the United States government had shared information with them that leads them to believe their son is alive.

(29/06/2017 @ 04:58)

The Breakdown: A Controversial Lesson on Race. Also: Cardinal George Pell Charged, and Uber Drivers Fight Back.

Conversation starters and context, drawn from the day’s news in Australia.

(29/06/2017 @ 07:48)

Hacks Raise Fear Over N.S.A.’s Hold on Cyberweapons

Hackers in two global attacks have used cyberweapons stolen from a dangerous collection that had been amassed by the agency.

(29/06/2017 @ 03:28)

Australia Letter 16: That Low Hum of Racism

We explore race and the Indigenous experience in this week’s Australia Letter. Plus, a new feature called The Breakdown.

(29/06/2017 @ 03:00)

After Helicopter Attack, Venezuelans Ask, What Was That About?

If the assault on government buildings was meant as a call to arms, it instead bewildered Venezuelans who have been protesting the government for months.

(29/06/2017 @ 02:47)

Rogue Police Copter Attacks Venezuela’s Supreme Court

A rogue police force attacked Venezuela's Supreme Court in Caracas by helicopter on Tuesday, amid antigovernment protests.

(29/06/2017 @ 02:38)

Ukraine Cyberattack Was Meant to Paralyze, not Profit, Evidence Shows

Pinpointing the initial targets of the assault — Ukrainian accountants who use a tax preparation software required by the government — was a major clue.

(29/06/2017 @ 01:50)

Serbia Is Set to Get Its First Female, and First Openly Gay, Premier

Ana Brnabic, whose nomination was hailed in the West as a landmark decision, has faced a wave of insults from critics, and dismay from gay activists.

(29/06/2017 @ 01:06)

Republican Party, Venezuela, Chris Paul: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

(28/06/2017 @ 23:55)

North Korea Calls for Execution of South Korean Ex-President and Aide

The North Koreans said former President Park Geun-hye of South Korea and her intelligence chief would face a “miserable dog’s death.”

(28/06/2017 @ 22:49)

Passengers Flying Into U.S. to Face More Scrutiny, but Laptops Allowed

After discussions with officials in Europe, the Department of Homeland Security has abandoned a ban on large electronic devices in favor of more robust screening measures.

(28/06/2017 @ 22:10)

Robocalypse Now? Central Bankers Argue Whether Automation Will Kill Jobs

At a high-level gathering in Portugal, one of the main topics of debate was whether artificial intelligence could permanently eliminate huge numbers of jobs.

(28/06/2017 @ 22:01)

Asia and Australia Edition: Ransomware, George Pell, Xi Jinping: Your Morning Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

(29/06/2017 @ 04:59)

A Gold Rush Revival in Italy, With Nuggets the Size of Bread Crumbs

Recession-hit years have renewed interest, with prospectors drawn to the Italian Goldpanning Championship.

(28/06/2017 @ 22:49)

Young Asian-Australians Carve Out an Identity of Their Own

They call themselves the “little girls” and “little boys” of Sydney and Melbourne, who have grown up melding Asian heritage and an Australian identity.

(28/06/2017 @ 21:03)

Germany Encounters Surge in Crime by the Far Right

A list of arrest warrants included 462 right-wing offenders, showing a rise in extremism since the acceptance of nearly a million migrants and refugees in 2015.

(28/06/2017 @ 20:54)

Trump Interrupts Call to Compliment Female Reporter’s ‘Nice Smile’

Mr. Trump, speaking to the Irish prime minister, said of the reporter, “She has a nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well.”

(28/06/2017 @ 19:01)

Deadly Bungee Jump in Spain Could Lead to Criminal Charges

Vera Mol, a Dutch teenager, threw herself from a 130-foot-high bridge after hearing an instructor’s English command of “no jump” as “now jump.”

(28/06/2017 @ 16:34)

China Releases Activists Scrutinizing Ivanka Trump Shoe Factory

Their release on bail means the three men have been thrust into China’s labyrinthine criminal justice system, rather than having been quietly detained for a few days.

(28/06/2017 @ 15:47)

ISIS, Aided by Ex-Taliban Groups, Makes Inroads in Northern Afghanistan

An offensive in Darzab District represents a new front for the extremist group, which had not previously found success in the area.

(28/06/2017 @ 15:07)

Philippine Military Says 17 Mutilated Civilian Bodies Found in Marawi

The grisly discovery comes as troops struggle to retake the city from Islamist militants, whose numbers are believed to have dwindled to between 150 and 200 fighters.

(28/06/2017 @ 14:36)

Struggle for Control Underlies Xi Jinping’s Visit to Hong Kong

President Xi Jinping’s appearance this week, his first to the city as president, comes nearly three years after pro-democracy demonstrators took to the streets.

(28/06/2017 @ 13:33)

Six Are Charged in 1989 Hillsborough Stadium Disaster in England

A former senior police officer will face manslaughter charges. The catastrophe killed 96 fans, who were crushed or trampled.

(28/06/2017 @ 17:01)

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