Texte à méditer :  "Les hommes naissent et demeurent libres et égaux en droits"   Déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen, 1789.
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20 Février 2018

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A Quiberon et St Pierre Quiberon, toute l'info de la presqu'île

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St Pierre

St Pierre

Bonne fête à toutes les

C'était aussi un 20 / 2

Le 'Anne Mildred Brovig' libère 16 800 tonnes de brut en marée noire en Mer du Nord.

Né(e) un 20 / 2 / 1966
Cindy Crawford

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- N.Y Times 2 : international

NYT > World

en-us Copyright 2018 The New York Times Company Tue, 20 Feb 2018 15:32:33 GMT NYT > World https://static01.nyt.com/images/misc/NYT_logo_rss_250x40.png https://www.nytimes.com/pages/world/index.html?partner=rss&emc=rss Syrian Bombardment Kills Nearly 100 in Eastern Ghouta https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/20/world/middleeast/syria-eastern-ghouta.html?partner=rss&emc=rss https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/20/world/middleeast/syria-eastern-ghouta.html Carrying an injured child through rebel-held territory near Damascus, Syria, on Monday. Abdulmonam Eassa/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images Residents of the rebel-held enclave near Damascus described the events as an all-out attack on civilians and infrastructure to force a surrender.

Syrian Bombardment Kills Nearly 100 in Eastern Ghouta

Residents of the rebel-held enclave near Damascus described the events as an all-out attack on civilians and infrastructure to force a surrender.

(20/02/2018 @ 14:32)

Kenya’s Political Turmoil Is a Tale of Fathers and Sons

The fathers of Kenya’s president and opposition leader were political allies who became adversaries. In a sense, the sons are repeating their battles.

(20/02/2018 @ 14:53)

Skeptical U.S. Rebuffs Mexico’s Request for Aid in Spyware Inquiry

Officials are said to be worried about being used as a fig leaf in the case, which involves the use of surveillance technology to spy on Mexican government critics.

(20/02/2018 @ 10:00)

In Ukraine, Corruption Is Now Undermining the Military

A surge in spending on the armed forces has opened new avenues for the graft and cronyism that many see as Ukraine’s most dangerous enemy.

(20/02/2018 @ 04:04)

There’s a Persistent Hum in This Canadian City, and No One Knows Why

Residents affected by the “Windsor Hum” complain of sleeplessness, depression and headaches. It is one of many mysterious sounds reported throughout the world.

(19/02/2018 @ 21:32)

Kurdish Syria, Where the Fallen Find Fame

Syria’s Kurds venerate their war dead with enthusiasm and no expense spared, building battlefield morale. The living even take the names of the fallen.

(19/02/2018 @ 21:29)

Rhodes Scholarships Go Global as Students From Anywhere Now Qualify

The program to study at Oxford, created in 1902 for students from English-speaking countries, has been expanding and opening to more of the world.

(20/02/2018 @ 04:17)

Iran, Deeply Embedded in Syria, Expands ‘Axis of Resistance’

Iran is training thousands of militiamen in Syria and deploying drones and precision weapons. Its goal, say analysts: a united front in any war with Israel.

(19/02/2018 @ 07:55)

Cochrane Journal: With 10 Million Acres in Patagonia, a National Park System Is Born

Two Americans snapped up large swaths of land in Chile, which they donated to a new conservation area that will be three times the size of Yosemite and Yellowstone combined.

(19/02/2018 @ 17:52)

Poland Broke Law by Logging Ancient Forest, E.U. Court Official Says

The dispute over the Bialowieza Forest, home to old-growth trees and rare animals, is one of many between Poland’s governing party and the European Union.

(20/02/2018 @ 14:21)

5 Security Officers in Iran Killed in Clashes with Dervishes

The violence began when followers of a mystical Sufi strain of Islam gathered at a police station to demand the release of members of their sect.

(20/02/2018 @ 13:20)

Journalist or Terrorist? Kashmir Photographer Is Jailed, Pending Answer

The Indian authorities say a young conflict photographer in Kashmir conspired against them. But journalists insist he was jailed to silence him.

(20/02/2018 @ 13:20)

Netanyahu Faces New Accusations: Did His Adviser Try to Bribe a Judge?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was already accused of accepting nearly $300,000 in bribes. The latest allegations could amount to obstruction of a criminal investigation.

(20/02/2018 @ 11:40)

Unified Korean Hockey Team Finishes Winless. So Why All the Cheering?

Shouldering a heavy political weight, the team lost its final game, but the outcome was beside the point for many optimistic spectators.

(20/02/2018 @ 09:50)

Russian Fans at the Olympics Are Loud, Proud and Angry

With many of their best barred from these Games because of doping, Russian athletes have yet to win a gold medal. Their supporters say the fault lies elsewhere.

(20/02/2018 @ 08:39)

Iran Plane Crash Leads to Search-and-Rescue Effort at 14,500 Feet

Because of bad weather conditions, the rescue teams have been unable to use helicopters to fly over the crash site, and its members have climbed Mount Dena in search of debris.

(20/02/2018 @ 03:17)

American Is Charged With Stealing Terra-Cotta Warrior’s Thumb

Michael Rohana was attending an event at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia when he entered a closed exhibition room and vandalized the 2,000-year-old statue, the authorities say.

(19/02/2018 @ 23:15)

Oxfam Says Workers in Haiti Threatened Witness to Misconduct

After revelations about prostitution, the charity released its 2011 investigative report containing more accusations against staff members.

(20/02/2018 @ 05:14)

A Director’s Apology Adds Momentum to South Korea’s #MeToo Movement

“I am ready to take all punishment, including legal responsibilities for my crimes,” said Lee Youn-taek, a theater director accused of sexual harassment.

(20/02/2018 @ 05:57)

Olympic Curling Rocked by Russian Doping Case

A Russian may lose his bronze medal after failing a doping test in a sport not accustomed to such high-profile cases, but one that is physically demanding.

(19/02/2018 @ 20:14)

Swastikas Discovered at Polish Embassy in Israel

The obscene graffiti followed a remark by the Polish prime minister defending a new law criminalizing suggestions that Poland was a perpetrator of the Holocaust.

(19/02/2018 @ 00:13)

Inside the Russian Troll Factory: Zombies and a Breakneck Pace

Ex-employees of the Internet Research Agency, which was indicted last week over meddling in the 2016 election, described their often bizarre work lives.

(19/02/2018 @ 03:00)

The Interpreter: Russian Meddling Was a Drop in an Ocean of American-Made Discord

It does not take much to get Americans to turn against one another. Partisan polarization was well underway before Moscow got involved.

(18/02/2018 @ 22:39)

Dzongsar Monastery Journal: A Dance for Tibetan New Year, Then 17 Hours in Custody

When a uniformed police officer showed up at the monastery, a reporting trip to write about Tibetan traditions turned into something else.

(18/02/2018 @ 22:00)

In Australia, Staying Loyal to Taiwan Can Mean Losing a Job

Chinese employers in Australia, mirroring Beijing’s strong-arm tactics, have fired workers who do not recognize Taiwan as part of China.

(18/02/2018 @ 20:19)

Catalan Politician Leaves for Switzerland Days Before Court Date

It is not clear whether Anna Gabriel, a leading separatist, will appear in Madrid this week to face possible charges of sedition and rebellion.

(19/02/2018 @ 04:46)

How the E.U.’s Migrant Crisis Reached the Streets of Brussels

Sudanese migrants are increasingly visible in Brussels, around train stations, in public squares and parks, sometimes sleeping in the streets.

(18/02/2018 @ 18:03)

News Analysis: U.S. Revives Concerns About European Defense Plans, Rattling NATO Allies

After pressing European nations to spend more on their security, Americans now worry that their projects could weaken the Atlantic alliance and block U.S. defense contractors from deals.

(19/02/2018 @ 21:24)

ISIS Claims Deadly Attack on Church in Russian Region of Dagestan

The gunman killed at least five people and wounded several others. ISIS described the assailant as a “soldier of the caliphate,” and members shared a video said to be of him.

(19/02/2018 @ 01:02)

Second Afghan Governor Defies Kabul Order to Resign, Adding to U.S. Headache

The refusal by Abdul Karim Khadam, who leads Samangan Province, to step down deepened a political schism between President Ashraf Ghani and regional leaders.

(18/02/2018 @ 23:10)

Netanyahu to Iran: ‘Do Not Test Israel’s Resolve’

Brandishing what he said was part of an Iranian drone shot down by the Israeli military, the prime minister warned in a speech in Munich against crossing Israel’s “red lines.”

(18/02/2018 @ 22:28)

Brendan Cox, Husband of Murdered U.K. Lawmaker, Resigns Over Abuse Accusations

The husband of Jo Cox stepped down from two charities created in her memory over allegations of inappropriate conduct from 2015.

(19/02/2018 @ 09:29)

66 Feared Dead After Iran Plane Crash

Aseman Airlines said the plane was carrying 60 passengers and six crew members when it went down in a mountainous region south of Tehran.

(18/02/2018 @ 23:33)

What a Soldier Killed in Niger Left Behind

Jenna was relieved when her boyfriend, a U.S. Special Forces soldier, told her he was deploying to Africa, rather than to a war zone like Iraq or Afghanistan. When he was killed in an ambush in Niger, she was left with the fragments of their imagined future.

(18/02/2018 @ 01:50)

President or Luxury Towers: Either Way, Trump Is the Rage in India

President Trump’s eldest son is headed to India on a sales trip for the family’s real estate business. Indians are star-struck by a family both rich and famous.

(18/02/2018 @ 07:51)

4 Israelis Hurt by Bomb Set in Flag at Gaza Fence, Igniting Night of Fighting

Israel responded with two waves of airstrikes on an attack tunnel and military targets across Gaza. A rocket fired at Israel struck the roof of a home but did not explode.

(18/02/2018 @ 12:30)

In Japan, a Liberal Maverick Is Seeking to Lead a Conservative Party

Taro Kono, a U.S.-educated political blue blood who has made a name as a liberal nonconformist, is positioning himself to one day replace Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

(18/02/2018 @ 01:25)

A Drifting UKIP Ousts Leader at Center of Racism Row

Henry Bolton, a former army officer, was removed as the head of the party after his girlfriend’s racist text messages were published in a tabloid.

(18/02/2018 @ 19:51)

Pakistan Serial Killer Sentenced to Death for Murder and Rape of Girl, 7

The case caused nationwide outrage and put a spotlight on child sexual abuse in Pakistan. During the trial, the killer, Imran Ali, confessed to seven murders.

(18/02/2018 @ 01:35)

Brazil Looks to Crack Down on Fake News Ahead of Bitter Election

Officials from the judiciary and law enforcement are teaming up to try to prevent voters from being misled, arguing that freedom of speech cannot come at the cost of a tainted election.

(18/02/2018 @ 00:01)

Fierce but Frail, Malaysia’s Mahathir, 92, Aims to Topple Protégé

A longtime leader, the former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has allied with opposition figures he once repressed to try to get his old job back in a coming election.

(17/02/2018 @ 19:14)

Russian Trolls Were Sloppy, but Indictment Still ‘Points at the Kremlin’

When Russian trolling techniques were exported to the United States, it seems to have been done with a lack of discipline and secrecy. But that does not mean the operation lacked high-level support.

(18/02/2018 @ 02:03)

Fire Strikes Hallowed Site in Tibet, the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa

It was unclear how much damage the blaze did to the ancient Buddhist temple. But to many Tibetans, any harm to the site would be a harsh blow.

(17/02/2018 @ 20:50)

Trump’s National Security Chief Calls Russian Interference ‘Incontrovertible’

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster accused Moscow of engaging in “disinformation, subversion and espionage.” The comments highlighted a sharp division in the White House on how to talk about Russia’s actions.

(18/02/2018 @ 00:03)

Theresa May, in Munich, Calls for Swift Security Pact and Offers Concession

The British prime minister, who said the pact should be signed before a “Brexit” deal, announced that Britain would respect the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

(17/02/2018 @ 20:38)

As Ramaphosa Hails a ‘New Dawn,’ South Africans See More of the Same

Few in Soweto township expect change now that Cyril Ramaphosa is president. But none can imagine voting against the African National Congress.

(17/02/2018 @ 17:12)

Pope Revives Sexual Abuse Commission Amid Criticism of Vatican

An American cardinal will head the commission, the Vatican said, and it will include survivors of clergy abuse.

(17/02/2018 @ 17:25)

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