Texte à méditer :  Dans le passé, il y avait plus de futur que maintenant.    Philippe GELUCK
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21 Août 2018

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A Quiberon et St Pierre Quiberon, toute l'info de la presqu'île

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St Pierre

St Pierre

Bonne fête à tous les :

C'était aussi un 21 / 8

Trotski, exilé par Staline, est assassiné à Mexico à coups de pic à glace.

Né(e) un 21 / 8 / 1950
Patrick Juvet

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NYT > Opinion

en-us Copyright 2018 The New York Times Company Tue, 21 Aug 2018 09:40:30 GMT NYT > Opinion https://static01.nyt.com/images/misc/NYT_logo_rss_250x40.png https://www.nytimes.com/pages/opinion/index.html?partner=rss&emc=rss Sacrifice, Obedience and Enlightenment https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/21/opinion/eid-al-adha-sacrifice-isaac.html?partner=rss&emc=rss https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/21/opinion/eid-al-adha-sacrifice-isaac.html On Monday, Muslim pilgrims, carrying umbrellas to block the sun, gathered on Mount Arafat in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and took part in the main rituals of the annual hajj in order to become pilgrims on the eve of Eid al-Adha. Mustafa Ciftci/Anadolu Agency, via Getty Images Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid al-Adha. What are the holiday’s most important lessons?

Sacrifice, Obedience and Enlightenment

Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid al-Adha. What are the holiday’s most important lessons?

(21/08/2018 @ 04:55)

Let’s Retire the Phrase ‘Privacy Policy’

People assume it means their information will be kept private. Nothing could be further from the truth.

(20/08/2018 @ 23:20)

Op-Ed Columnist: The G.O.P.’s Climate of Paranoia

The war on climate science was a rehearsal for Trump’s war on truth.

(21/08/2018 @ 00:05)

How to Break the Impasse on North Korea

Little steps, not big talk, could bring progress on denuclearization.

(20/08/2018 @ 23:28)

The Immigrant Grandparents America Needs

Republicans who want to cut family-based immigration don’t understand families.

(20/08/2018 @ 23:30)

The Stone: Life Is Short. That’s the Point.

Our mortality is not something to be overcome. It is integral to our humanity.

(19/08/2018 @ 19:48)

Motherhood and the Back-to-College Blues

Summer is ending, and all my baby birds are leaving the nest.

(20/08/2018 @ 09:45)

Pope Francis Could Save the Church. Will He?

The current crisis could be a chance for him to advance his radical vision and turn a crisis into an opportunity for renewal.

(20/08/2018 @ 20:38)

The Police Aren’t the Solution to Chicago’s Violence

We need more jobs, thriving schools and better access to food.

(20/08/2018 @ 18:43)

letters: What Did the White House Counsel Say?

Readers discuss what “truth” is and Donald McGahn’s cooperation with the Mueller investigation.

(20/08/2018 @ 20:53)

letter: The Kavanaugh Documents: They’re Not About Me

A lawyer who is overseeing review of some of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s paper trail objects to a suggestion that he is protecting himself.

(20/08/2018 @ 19:47)

letter: Kofi Annan’s Legacy

A reader pays tribute to the former U.N. secretary general.

(20/08/2018 @ 19:17)

letter: A Truth Commission on Clerical Abuse

A reader calls on the Catholic Church to have an in-depth inquiry involving all parishes and priests.

(20/08/2018 @ 19:16)

The End of the Greek Bailout

This may hurt a bit.

(20/08/2018 @ 17:59)

In Alabama, Challenging Hidden Racial Discrimination

A federal appeals court has allowed fast-food workers to contest a state law blocking the city of Birmingham from raising its minimum wage.

(20/08/2018 @ 15:07)

Poor Countries Have an Unlikely Ally Close to the White House

How China’s growing influence opened the door for a new United States development finance agency

(20/08/2018 @ 15:00)

I’m a Doctor and Even I Can’t Afford My Student Loans

When the highest earners struggle with the cost of education, the nation needs to get serious about the problem.

(20/08/2018 @ 15:00)

The Russia Fun-House Mirror

This week I’ll try to make some arguments you might not have heard before.

(20/08/2018 @ 12:19)

Kofi Annan’s Tragic Idealism

He believed in the vision of the United Nations but understood that it might never achieve it.

(20/08/2018 @ 13:50)

The Stone: The Codes That Bind Us, and Set Us Apart

I try to remember that every living thing arose from essentially the same genetic foundation.

(21/08/2018 @ 09:00)

Who Is Afraid of Shahidul Alam?

The imprisonment of Bangladesh’s most respected photojournalist illustrates the country’s drift toward autocracy.

(20/08/2018 @ 10:43)

Why Even a Blue Wave Could Have Limited Gains

The divergent geography of 2018 means we will really have two midterm elections, and one favors Republicans.

(20/08/2018 @ 20:16)

The Stone: What Does It Mean to Be Human? Don’t Ask

We don’t see the problem with our self-importance because our narcissism is so complete.

(20/08/2018 @ 09:45)

Steve Bannon Has Found His Next Trump

The American president’s former Svengali is palling around the Continent with a far-right Hungarian prime minister. How does this end?

(20/08/2018 @ 10:29)

Nixon, Clinton and Trump

The more Trump is cornered, the more he mirrors Richard Nixon.

(20/08/2018 @ 00:07)

Zephyr Teachout Is the Right Choice as Attorney General for Democrats

The office is a potential firewall against an out-of-control president and a historically corrupt New York State government.

(19/08/2018 @ 22:14)

Editorial Observer: Trump’s Silly War With Harley-Davidson

The president’s tariffs led the company to move jobs to Europe. He responded by trying to incite a Harley boycott.

(19/08/2018 @ 22:00)

Sanitizing Hong Kong of Free Speech

Pro-China politics once again tries to snuff out any talk of independence.

(19/08/2018 @ 19:34)

letters: Trucking Wages and Safety

The head of the American Trucking Associations and two truck-safety advocates discuss an editorial on “the plight of long-distance truck drivers.”

(19/08/2018 @ 19:00)

letter: Ignoring Global Warming at Our Peril

A reader wonders how many more dire effects we must see “before Americans show some bipartisanship in standing up to our president’s folly.”

(19/08/2018 @ 19:00)

letter: Charter Schools and Racial Justice

School choice is an answer, not the enemy, an advocate says.

(19/08/2018 @ 19:00)

What Father Bradel Did to Me

The power of seeing one priest’s name on a list.

(18/08/2018 @ 20:16)

How America’s Jews Learned to Be Liberal

The answer lies in the 19th century, when Judaism became a distinctively American religion.

(18/08/2018 @ 18:42)

What Makes California Politics So Special

Democrats and Republicans have held to a bipartisan legacy that offers a starting point to govern a vast, diverse nation-state.

(18/08/2018 @ 18:41)

Happy Children Do Chores

Helping run a household gives kids an awareness of the needs of others.

(18/08/2018 @ 18:39)

Advice I Never Wanted to Give

I talked about everything in my life on stage. But suicide was definitely not funny.

(18/08/2018 @ 18:30)

A Too-Narrow Vision of Religious Freedom

The Trump administration embraces a laudable desire to expand religious tolerance, but its own intolerance toward some undermines the message.

(18/08/2018 @ 18:30)

It’s Not Technology That’s Disrupting Our Jobs

The insecure nature of work is a result of decisions by corporations and policymakers.

(19/08/2018 @ 04:51)

Electric Scooters in New York City? They Just Might Work

The scooters could be a real help to people trying to get around the city — if the mayor gets much more serious about protecting riders.

(18/08/2018 @ 18:30)

A Fistful of Liras

Turks are handling the economic crisis with ambivalence and humor.

(19/08/2018 @ 06:04)

Op-Ed Columnist: The Slippery Slope of Complicity

A wannabe Mussolini and his party of apparatchiks.

(18/08/2018 @ 18:05)

The Absolute Necessity of the New-Mom Friend

In the trenches with a baby, you need someone to text at 2 a.m.

(18/08/2018 @ 15:01)

Rug Hunting in Grizzly Country

For the first time in more than 40 years, Wyoming will allow hunters to shoot the big bears. It’s a bad idea.

(18/08/2018 @ 22:30)

Are We Loving Shelter Dogs to Death?

No-kill policies can be helpful, but without assistance for struggling families, they may be making things worse for America’s pets.

(18/08/2018 @ 15:55)

Here’s What Makes America Great, Gov

It is in the striving, and also in what we are striving for.

(18/08/2018 @ 01:11)

Why Are Republicans Covering Up Brett Kavanaugh’s Past?

For the first time in modern history, Republicans are refusing to request a Supreme Court nominee’s relevant papers.

(19/08/2018 @ 18:02)

The Bane That Is Betsy DeVos

Watch out, the secretary of education is on the loose.

(18/08/2018 @ 03:06)

Trump Is Not a King

A group of top former intelligence and military leaders are sending a message to the nation’s troops and spies: think twice before following the president’s orders in a crisis.

(17/08/2018 @ 23:36)

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