Texte à méditer :  Deux choses sont infinies : l'univers et la bêtise humaine, en ce qui concerne l'univers,
je n'ai pas acquis la certitude absolue
.    Albert EINSTEIN
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26 Avril 2019

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A Quiberon et St Pierre Quiberon, toute l'info de la presqu'île

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St Pierre

St Pierre

Bonne fête à toutes les

C'était aussi un 26 / 4

Découverte du 12ème quark. Toutes les particules sont en principe connues.

Né(e) un 26 / 4 / 1906
Xavier de Langlais

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- N.Y Times 1

NYT > Opinion

en-us Copyright 2019 The New York Times Company Fri, 26 Apr 2019 11:53:24 GMT NYT > Opinion https://static01.nyt.com/images/misc/NYT_logo_rss_250x40.png https://www.nytimes.com/pages/opinion/index.html?partner=rss&emc=rss Your Average American Joe https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/25/opinion/joe-biden-president.html?partner=rss&emc=rss https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/25/opinion/joe-biden-president.html Joe Biden is different among the Democratic presidential candidates. Hilary Swift for The New York Times Biden is not an individualist.

Your Average American Joe

Biden is not an individualist.

(25/04/2019 @ 23:04)

How Do You Stop Facebook When $5 Billion Is Chump Change?

A trivial fine would mean the government isn’t just deferential to Facebook, but that it doesn’t truly understand its power.

(26/04/2019 @ 10:00)

Editorial Observer: Marcus Hutchins Stopped a Global Cyberattack. Now He Deserves a Pardon.

Society owes this security researcher a very big favor.

(26/04/2019 @ 10:06)

Armpits, White Ghettos and Contempt

Who really despises the American heartland?

(25/04/2019 @ 23:20)

The Best Thing Experienced Parents Can Do for New Parents

Be an advocate for better day care and paid parental leave. One day, your grandchildren will thank you.

(26/04/2019 @ 10:00)

Is China the World’s Loan Shark?

Some say Beijing lends money for infrastructure and development to pressure poor countries with debt. Not so.

(26/04/2019 @ 10:00)

The Trump Campaign Conspired With the Russians. Mueller Proved It.

By the standards of a potential impeachment inquiry, the evidence is clear.

(26/04/2019 @ 00:23)

Put Another Zero on Facebook’s Fine. Then We Can Talk.

A $3 billion to $5 billion penalty for privacy violations won’t change anything.

(26/04/2019 @ 11:27)

The Danger in Not Impeaching Trump

It may be risky politically, but Congress has a responsibility to act.

(25/04/2019 @ 20:50)

A Journey Through Fresh Air

Summer camp can introduce city children to a world of new possibilities.

(25/04/2019 @ 20:47)

letters: Cheers and Fears as Joe Biden Joins the Race

Some welcome his depth of experience, while others worry about the baggage he brings.

(25/04/2019 @ 20:02)

letter: Let the Russia Hearings Begin

A reader says Kirstjen Nielsen, the former homeland security secretary, should testify about her thwarted efforts to address Russian interference in our elections.

(25/04/2019 @ 19:58)

letter: Free Speech and the New York City Council

A civil rights lawyer is troubled by the punishment of City Council members for their remarks.

(25/04/2019 @ 19:54)

letter: Curing Infectious Diseases

A doctor writes about a satisfying career choice.

(25/04/2019 @ 19:51)

letters: Solace in the Garden

Readers tell how gardens figure in their lives.

(25/04/2019 @ 19:46)

Northern Ireland’s Unfinished Peace

The world turned its attention away, but the violence and tragedy never ended.

(25/04/2019 @ 22:25)

The Real College Scandal

We skimp on the students who need the most help.

(25/04/2019 @ 15:20)

What It Takes to Run an Election for India

The Election Commission of India runs the elections. A former head of the federal body explains how it is done.

(25/04/2019 @ 16:20)

Conservatives for the Climate

How a skeptic of the science changed his mind.

(25/04/2019 @ 12:10)

The Devastating Consequences of Being Poor in the Digital Age

When someone who is living paycheck to paycheck falls victim to an online fraud or a breach, the cascade of repercussions can be devastating.

(25/04/2019 @ 16:32)

On L.G.B.T. Rights, the Supreme Court Asks the Question

We’ll find out whether federal law protects L.G.B.T. employees from being fired for who they are.

(25/04/2019 @ 21:02)

The U.S. Military: Like the French at Agincourt?

America risks a catastrophic defeat if it doesn’t radically change the way it thinks about war.

(25/04/2019 @ 10:00)

The Argument: Is It Time to Impeach Trump?

And an Earth Day debate over climate change.

(25/04/2019 @ 09:00)

Biden Joins the Really Big Crowd

He’s nice, he’s experienced and he’s younger than Ringo.

(25/04/2019 @ 00:25)

The Bill-Melinda Gates Romance Started With a Rejection

She recounts her evolution to feminist in her new memoir.

(25/04/2019 @ 16:08)

Would Any Atrocity Turn Off Investors to Saudi Arabia?

The kingdom this week executed 37 “terrorists” after torture and sham trials. Corporations and governments should demand an end to the kingdom’s egregious violations of human rights.

(25/04/2019 @ 17:05)

Editorial Observer: This Could Be One of Trump’s Biggest Political Victories

The Supreme Court seems poised to let the administration manipulate the 2020 census by adding a citizenship question to it.

(24/04/2019 @ 23:48)

letter: Why Stephen Moore Is Not Fit for the Fed

It’s not his sexist comments and other personal failings, a reader says.

(24/04/2019 @ 20:46)

letters: The Supreme Court and the Census Question

Readers say the exercise will be politicized and flawed if a question about citizenship is included.

(24/04/2019 @ 19:33)

letters: Picking From a Diverse Field of Democrats

Readers discuss whether race and gender should be considered in choosing a candidate.

(24/04/2019 @ 18:13)

letter: Views of a Founder of B.D.S.

Omar Barghouti writes that “diversity would be celebrated, and collective cultural and religious rights respected.”

(24/04/2019 @ 18:09)

letter: After Columbine

A high school student writes that armed guards at school don’t bring comfort or relief, only more fear.

(24/04/2019 @ 18:02)

Survival of the Wrongest

Evidence has a well-known liberal bias.

(25/04/2019 @ 13:45)

The Three Big Problems With Trump’s Census

One of them: An obviously partisan Supreme Court.

(24/04/2019 @ 11:53)

Don’t Forget About Paradise, or Those Beside It

The survivors of California’s most destructive wildfire in history remain resilient in the meantime. But the meantime has no discernible end.

(25/04/2019 @ 14:35)

Tennessee’s Vengeful Lawmakers

After enormous black turnout in the 2018 midterms, Republicans are advancing a bill that would penalize voter registration drives.

(24/04/2019 @ 21:13)

Bernie Sanders Scares a Lot of People, and Quite a Few of Them Are Democrats

What happens if he’s the nominee in 2020?

(26/04/2019 @ 01:48)

They Committed Genocide. Their Neighbors Welcomed Them Home.

Twenty-five years after they participated in one of the world’s most atrocious instances of mass violence, their experiences in Rwanda show that peace and reconciliation are possible.

(24/04/2019 @ 18:27)

You’re About to Get Fewer Robocalls. But Maybe Not for Long.

Telecommunications companies are adopting new technology to kill phone spam — but the spammers may stay a step ahead.

(25/04/2019 @ 18:42)

Editorial Observer: Meet the Press? Don’t Bother

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, nominally the White House press secretary, has abandoned the custom of briefing the news media.

(23/04/2019 @ 23:36)

Do Australians Have a Case of ‘Jacinda Envy’?

Two similar countries, two very different attitudes toward women in leadership.

(23/04/2019 @ 23:00)

The Best Way to Rejuvenate Rural America? Invest in Cities

There is already clear evidence that the economic prosperity of urban areas benefits small towns.

(23/04/2019 @ 23:00)

Trump Is Wasting Our Immigration Crisis

The system needs to be fixed, but “the wall” is only part of the solution.

(24/04/2019 @ 04:39)

When License-Plate Surveillance Goes Horribly Wrong

The pitfalls of automated policing, where one piece of bad information can lead to a guns-drawn confrontation.

(23/04/2019 @ 19:14)

letters: In the Aftermath of the Mueller Report

Readers criticize Robert Mueller’s tactics and discuss impeachment, President Trump’s memory and echoes of Watergate.

(23/04/2019 @ 18:24)

letter: Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s Lies About Lying

A reader points out that what the press secretary called a “slip of the tongue” was read from a prepared statement.

(23/04/2019 @ 18:03)

letter: Air Pollution Standards

A former E.P.A. scientist writes about efforts to undermine science showing the grave dangers of air pollution.

(23/04/2019 @ 17:59)

letter: The Joy of Tidying Up

A reader tells how she failed to persuade her husband of the virtues.

(23/04/2019 @ 17:51)

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