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10 Décembre 2018

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A Quiberon et St Pierre Quiberon, toute l'info de la presqu'île

Brochures touristiques :
St Pierre

St Pierre

Bonne fête à tous les :

C'était aussi un 10 / 12

L'ONU adopte la Déclaration des Droits de l'Homme.

Né(e) un 10 / 12 / 1960
Kenneth Branagh

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- N.Y Times 1

NYT > Opinion

en-us Copyright 2018 The New York Times Company Mon, 10 Dec 2018 08:53:22 GMT NYT > Opinion https://static01.nyt.com/images/misc/NYT_logo_rss_250x40.png https://www.nytimes.com/pages/opinion/index.html?partner=rss&emc=rss The War on Truth Spreads https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/09/opinion/media-duterte-maria-ressa.html?partner=rss&emc=rss https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/09/opinion/media-duterte-maria-ressa.html Seymour Chwast Democratically elected leaders borrow from the anti-press playbook of dictators and tyrants.

The War on Truth Spreads

Democratically elected leaders borrow from the anti-press playbook of dictators and tyrants.

(09/12/2018 @ 20:52)

The Corporate Donors Behind a Republican Power Grab

Walgreens and other major companies are key supporters of the Wisconsin legislators now trying to undermine democracy.

(10/12/2018 @ 01:02)

Surviving a Criminal Presidency

No one is above the law in America.

(10/12/2018 @ 04:18)

T.M. Landry and the Tragedy of Viral Success Stories

We focus on outliers and ignore systemic injustice.

(08/12/2018 @ 19:30)

Is Listening to a Book the Same Thing as Reading It?

Each is best suited to different purposes, and neither is superior.

(08/12/2018 @ 19:30)

Rediscovering My Daughter Through Instagram

Paulina was as remote as a 15-year-old could be. And then I saw her photography.

(08/12/2018 @ 19:30)

Hate Amazon? Try Living Without It

My dad was a longtime labor activist. He despises what Jeff Bezos built, but he can’t quit it.

(08/12/2018 @ 19:30)

The Torture of Dressing for Your Office Holiday Party

What does “festive dressy” even mean?

(09/12/2018 @ 16:57)

Why Does Paul Manafort Lie?

To boast, to flatter, to deceive others, to deceive himself, out of habit — or perhaps just because.

(08/12/2018 @ 21:43)

Tete-a-tete after tit-for-tat

The presidents of the United States and China call a (temporary) truce.

(10/12/2018 @ 00:00)

letters: What’s Missing in the Immigrant Story Is Due Process

Readers discuss aspects of the problem, including asylum and health care in detention.

(09/12/2018 @ 18:30)

letter: Birthright Citizenship in Ireland

A reader says Ireland has a stake in restoring the right.

(09/12/2018 @ 18:00)

letter: Amy Klobuchar and the 2020 Election

A reader offers a prescription for the Democrats in the next presidential election.

(09/12/2018 @ 18:00)

letter: Looted Art in Hungary

A former United States ambassador says Budapest has reneged on an agreement made 20 years ago to return the art.

(09/12/2018 @ 18:00)

letter: Alaska, Oil and Warming

A reader sees a dangerous mix of politics, money and environmental destruction.

(09/12/2018 @ 18:00)

The High Cost of Shattering Democratic Norms

Republicans in Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina seem intent on subverting the will of the voters.

(10/12/2018 @ 00:48)

Exposures: A Photographer Goes Missing in China

Lu Guang’s images have shown the world China’s dark side.

(09/12/2018 @ 00:56)

I Like Joe Biden. I Urge Him Not to Run.

He’s impeccably qualified. Ask Hillary Clinton how that worked out.

(09/12/2018 @ 01:20)

The Case Against Meritocracy

An aristocracy that can’t admit it.

(08/12/2018 @ 20:39)

What Straight-A Students Get Wrong

If you always succeed in school, you’re not setting yourself up for success in life.

(08/12/2018 @ 19:30)

What Happens When a Holocaust Memorial Plays Host to Autocrats

Yad Vashem is both a memorial of a genocide, and a tool of Israeli realpolitik.

(08/12/2018 @ 19:30)

letters: An Epidemic of Loneliness in America?

Does it exist, and if so, what is the cause, and what can be done?

(08/12/2018 @ 18:00)

How Egypt Crowdsources Censorship

It's not just the government suppressing free expression, it's our neighbors — and ourselves.

(08/12/2018 @ 16:38)

Is Mueller Building an Expansive Obstruction Case?

The sentencing memos suggest the possibility that Trump and perhaps others were involved in a series of lies from Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen.

(08/12/2018 @ 16:38)

What Comes After the Merkel Era?

A new leader for Germany’s conservatives also brings a new era in German politics.

(08/12/2018 @ 17:32)

Huawei Arrest Shows Trump Has No Game Plan Against China

By escalating tensions over national security, the United States may be hurting its own position in trade talks.

(08/12/2018 @ 16:00)

Sporting: The Tao of Gravity

All martial arts are a quest for beauty and transcendence. I found those not in doing karate but rather having karate done to me.

(08/12/2018 @ 16:00)

Is This the Beginning of the End for Trump?

Sentencing memos reveal damning evidence about collusion and campaign finance violations.

(08/12/2018 @ 03:26)

A Presidency Without Humor

Good jokes highlight the ridiculous. Trump’s jokes merely ridicule.

(08/12/2018 @ 03:23)

Whose Attorney General Will William Barr Be?

The Senate has a long list of questions for President Trump’s latest nominee.

(08/12/2018 @ 01:43)

If America Had a Parliament

What would its political parties look like? And what does the answer say about where the two parties stand today?

(08/12/2018 @ 00:52)

Why We Need to Forgive Kevin Hart

In holding people accountable for their old views — even ones they realized were wrong and apologized for — we are setting standards that nobody can meet.

(08/12/2018 @ 01:42)

Democrats Have a Cornucopia of Candidates

They’re piling up like so many political snowdrifts.

(08/12/2018 @ 00:21)

Loose Ends: Terms and Conditions for Telling Me About Your Day

Was it bad? I am sorry. But I don’t want to hear about it yet.

(07/12/2018 @ 20:37)

I Was Kicked Off Stage by College Students. Did I Deserve It?

Columbia students didn’t like my joke and they had the right to cut my mic. But we all should have gotten the chance to stick it out.

(07/12/2018 @ 21:19)

Turning Points: The Big Question: Have We Left Something Important Behind?

Turning Points asked Daniel Libeskind, Claire Ptak and others if society has left something behind, and whether we should try to get it back.

(07/12/2018 @ 20:00)

Turning Points: A Push Forward Into 2019

There is a swelling reaction against the cynicism, lies and hypocrisy of leaders who have fanned fears, prejudice and hatreds to amass power.

(08/12/2018 @ 15:17)

letters: Ethical Issues Raised by Missionary’s Violent Death

An isolated tribe’s killing of a young American evangelical has led to much debate about spreading the faith and whether such tribes should simply be left alone.

(07/12/2018 @ 18:40)

letter: Republicans, Subverting Democracy

A reader offers a list of misdeeds in Wisconsin and North Carolina, as well as in Congress.

(07/12/2018 @ 20:58)

letter: Endangering the Sage Grouse, and Ourselves

A reader bemoans plans to open millions of acres to drilling and mining, removing protections for an already imperiled bird.

(07/12/2018 @ 18:15)

letter: Public Defenders Are Part of the Solution

The Bronx Defenders says these lawyers are a powerful weapon in the fight against mass incarceration.

(07/12/2018 @ 18:10)

Kara Swisher: Can the U.S. Stop China From Controlling the Next Internet Age?

Tech executives worry China will turn to tit-for-tat arrests of Americans in response to the detention of Meng Wanzhou. And the worries don’t stop there.

(08/12/2018 @ 00:31)

The Invincible Benjamin Netanyahu

The prime minister of Israel is being investigated for corruption. His cabinet is crumbling. And he’s not going anywhere.

(07/12/2018 @ 17:11)

Taxpayers Always Lose Industry’s Shell Game With Jobs

G.M. is the latest example of a company getting incentives based on empty promises.

(07/12/2018 @ 17:03)

End the Innovation Obsession

Some of our best ideas are in the rearview mirror.

(07/12/2018 @ 23:22)

The Hawk That’s Helping China

Also: A friend of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker urges him not to be a sore loser.

(07/12/2018 @ 14:08)

: Your Tax Dollars Help Starve Children

The famine in Yemen could become the worst the world has seen in a generation.

(07/12/2018 @ 22:27)

Turning Points: 20 Things That Happened for the First Time in 2018

Surprising, serious and silly events and trends noted this year.

(07/12/2018 @ 11:00)

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