Texte à méditer :  Deux choses sont infinies : l'univers et la bêtise humaine, en ce qui concerne l'univers,
je n'ai pas acquis la certitude absolue
.    Albert EINSTEIN
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19 Octobre 2018

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A Quiberon et St Pierre Quiberon, toute l'info de la presqu'île

Brochures touristiques :
St Pierre

St Pierre

Bonne fête à tous les :

C'était aussi un 19 / 10

A Kourou, en Guyane, premier lancement commercial de la fusée Ariane.

Né(e) un 19 / 10 / 1859
Alfred Dreyfus

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- N.Y Times 1

NYT > Opinion

en-us Copyright 2018 The New York Times Company Fri, 19 Oct 2018 02:40:25 GMT NYT > Opinion https://static01.nyt.com/images/misc/NYT_logo_rss_250x40.png https://www.nytimes.com/pages/opinion/index.html?partner=rss&emc=rss Time to Close the Democracy Gap https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/18/opinion/registration-vote-midterms.html?partner=rss&emc=rss https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/18/opinion/registration-vote-midterms.html Jackie Ferrentino For too many Americans, registering to vote is an obstacle course.

Time to Close the Democracy Gap

For too many Americans, registering to vote is an obstacle course.

(18/10/2018 @ 21:13)

Before Arguing About DNA Tests, Learn the Science Behind Them

Our genetic code cannot be treated as a matter of simple fractions.

(19/10/2018 @ 00:48)

Saudi Arabia Has No Leverage

Ignore the bluster from Riyadh. The Saudi economy is dependent on the U.S., which has plenty of power to force concessions.

(18/10/2018 @ 23:00)

Mr. Trump, Don’t Back Down Now

Jamal Khashoggi deserves justice if Saudi Arabia is responsible for his death.

(19/10/2018 @ 00:27)

The Neighborhood Is the Unit of Change

No, starfish are not saved one by one.

(18/10/2018 @ 22:58)

The Trump Tax Scam, Phase II

Deficits are up? Cut Medicare and Social Security!

(18/10/2018 @ 22:36)

Ask Roxane: ‘Where the Hell Is the Love of My Life?’

And how do I know I won’t choose the wrong person?

(18/10/2018 @ 22:38)

China’s Watchful Eye Reaches Into the Classroom

Authorities are combining Mao-era human spying practices with new surveillance technology to ferret out outspoken professors and students who fail to follow Communist Party ideology.

(18/10/2018 @ 23:36)

Why King Salman Must Replace M.B.S.

To save its reputation and avoid becoming a pariah state in the aftermath of the Khashoggi murder, Saudi Arabia should replace its crown prince.

(18/10/2018 @ 22:22)

ComIC STRIP TO THE EDITOR: Can It Happen Here? A Stan Mack Take on Fascism

A New York Times opinion video about fascism in America inspired Stan Mack to send in our first comic strip to the editor.

(19/10/2018 @ 00:02)

letters: Democrats’ Dilemma: High Road, or Low?

Some call for more aggressive tactics, while others believe that approach will alienate moderate voters.

(18/10/2018 @ 18:36)

Searching for Water Across Borders

Saudi Arabia and China are among the countries that have turned to the United States and elsewhere.

(18/10/2018 @ 15:00)

Trump vs. the World Order

The latest op-eds from around the web — and a new podcast episode — on the Khashoggi crisis.

(18/10/2018 @ 12:33)

The Democrats’ Left Turn Is Not an Illusion

Like many overnight sensations, it has been years in the making.

(18/10/2018 @ 10:00)

Disability: The Blind Man’s French Dog Problem

It’s not really about the dog. Or being French. Or blind.

(18/10/2018 @ 10:00)

Khashoggi’s Killing Isn’t a Blunder. It’s a Crime.

A wink and a nod from Washington is the worst possible response to Riyadh’s butchery.

(18/10/2018 @ 22:35)

The Argument: Is Trump Destroying the World Order?

A conversation on the apparent killing of Jamal Khashoggi, featuring Tom Friedman

(18/10/2018 @ 16:32)

I Didn’t Hate the English — Until Now

In which an Irish woman discovers how little the people who shaped her country’s fate know or care.

(18/10/2018 @ 17:37)

The Horseface Chronicles

Try to think of something worse than Trump’s “unexpressed thoughts.”

(18/10/2018 @ 01:22)

A President Kowtowing to a Mad Prince

Trump is providing cover for Saudi barbarism.

(18/10/2018 @ 22:23)

Editorial Observer: Hillary Clinton’s Master Class in Distraction

Democrats need to be focused on the midterms.

(18/10/2018 @ 02:42)

letters: Skeptical of Saudis’ Story, Unlike Trump

Readers criticize the Trump administration’s acceptance of the Saudi regime’s denials of murdering Jamal Khashoggi and are dubious of any Saudi investigation.

(17/10/2018 @ 20:18)

Elizabeth Warren and the Folly of Genetic Ancestry Tests

DNA can’t tell us about identity.

(18/10/2018 @ 19:29)

A Tale of Three Presidents

Nicolás Maduro and Donald Trump have an authoritarian bent, as did Hugo Chávez, but the Chávez I knew also believed in social justice, equality and fundamental freedoms.

(17/10/2018 @ 19:00)

A Train Ride Back to the Old Israel

It takes four times as long as the new high-speed rail. I take it anyway.

(17/10/2018 @ 18:56)

letter: Voter Suppression in Georgia

A reader says she has been pushed to a terrible realization.

(17/10/2018 @ 17:36)

letter: Trump’s Climate Scenario, in the Very Long Run

A reader lays out the president’s case. Sort of.

(17/10/2018 @ 17:31)

letter: Just Don’t Talk Politics!

A reader tells of acquaintances who agree to disagree and break contact during election season.

(17/10/2018 @ 17:27)

letter: Moving Youths From Rikers

The Fortune Society faults corrections officers at the Horizon Juvenile Center for using force to maintain control.

(17/10/2018 @ 17:22)

Fake News Is Poisoning Brazilian Politics. WhatsApp Can Stop It.

Ahead of a critical election, the messaging app has become a sea of toxic misinformation — but it’s not too late to halt the tide.

(17/10/2018 @ 15:00)

The Growing Crisis of Democracy

It has joined middle-class stagnation and climate change as a central challenge of our time.

(17/10/2018 @ 12:16)

Will Deep-Fake Technology Destroy Democracy?

Imagine if a doctored video of a politician appeared the day before an election. It’s everything Vladimir Putin ever dreamed of.

(17/10/2018 @ 10:00)

How to Win Swing Voters (and How to Lose Them)

A candidate’s conundrum: Many independent voters are repelled by the partisan appeals that spur the party faithful to the polls.

(18/10/2018 @ 16:30)

The Elizabeth Warren Fiasco

The possible Democratic front-runner plays Trump’s game — and loses.

(17/10/2018 @ 14:27)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Censorship Under Military Dictators Was Bad. It May Be Worse in a Democracy.

Pakistani authorities are going all-out against journalists.

(17/10/2018 @ 04:52)

The Saudi Cover-Up Crumbles

Evidence mounts of a ghastly crime in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. President Trump still seems inclined to buy the kingdom’s lame denials.

(17/10/2018 @ 20:52)

America’s Dilemma: Censuring M.B.S. and Not Halting Saudi Reforms

We have a national interest in Jamal Khashoggi’s saga.

(18/10/2018 @ 22:35)

When All Else Fails, There’s Culture

As avenues toward peace hit a dead end, many Palestinians invest their time and resources in the arts.

(16/10/2018 @ 19:30)

Why It’s So Hard to Punish Companies for Data Breaches

It’s difficult to determine how and where companies like Facebook went wrong, which makes regulation challenging.

(16/10/2018 @ 19:00)

letters: When the Wealthy Pay Zilch in Income Taxes

One reader calls our story on Jared Kushner’s taxes unfair, while other readers object that the tax system itself is unfair in favoring the rich.

(16/10/2018 @ 17:29)

letter: The Doctor Healed Us. Now We Rise to His Defense.

The psychologist Carol Gilligan and the poet Jorie Graham offer praise for the cancer doctor José Baselga.

(16/10/2018 @ 17:01)

letter: Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestry

A reader says that if the Democrats believe that the confirmation of the senator’s Native American roots will help them in 2020, they’re wrong.

(16/10/2018 @ 16:54)

letter: Neil Armstrong’s Papers: ‘Auctioning Off Historical Treasures’

Archivists at Purdue University say their collection has been a source of scholarship.

(16/10/2018 @ 16:40)

letter: Finding Meaning After Decades Behind Bars

A criminal justice group decries the waste of keeping older people in prisons.

(16/10/2018 @ 16:33)

Jared Kushner’s Moral Laryngitis

He takes credit for everything, except his own screw-ups.

(18/10/2018 @ 22:36)

Fixing the Climate Requires More Than Technology

Major transformations can happen in a generation. But not without government help.

(16/10/2018 @ 21:03)

Why Two Black Athletes Raised Their Fists During the Anthem

In 1968, two black Olympic athletes protested during the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Few understood the message they were trying to send.

(16/10/2018 @ 19:33)

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