Texte à méditer :  "La vie sans gaieté est une lampe sans huile."    Walter Scott
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24 Février 2018

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A Quiberon et St Pierre Quiberon, toute l'info de la presqu'île

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St Pierre

St Pierre

Bonne fête à tous les :

C'était aussi un 24 / 2

Naissance à la maternité de Clamart du premier bébé-éprouvette français.

Né(e) un 24 / 2 / 1955
Alain Prost

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- N.Y Times 1

NYT > Opinion

en-us Copyright 2018 The New York Times Company Sat, 24 Feb 2018 08:24:44 GMT NYT > Opinion https://static01.nyt.com/images/misc/NYT_logo_rss_250x40.png https://www.nytimes.com/pages/opinion/index.html?partner=rss&emc=rss Opinion: Black Hair’s Blockbuster Moment https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/23/opinion/sunday/natural-hair-black-panther.html?partner=rss&emc=rss https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/23/opinion/sunday/natural-hair-black-panther.html Lorna Simpson’s “Ultra Violet 2,” from her 2015 series “Ebony.” Inspired by vintage images from Ebony and Jet magazines, Ms. Simpson created collages with vibrant ink-washed hairdos. Lorna Simpson. Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth The sublime uprightness of black hair in its natural state has returned as a symbol of political consciousness.

Opinion: Black Hair’s Blockbuster Moment

The sublime uprightness of black hair in its natural state has returned as a symbol of political consciousness.

(24/02/2018 @ 00:31)

Op-Ed Contributor: I’m Republican. I Appreciate Assault Weapons. And I Support a Ban.

I’m a congressman who was in the Army. I know how lethal these weapons are because I used them in combat.

(23/02/2018 @ 18:12)

Editorial: Trump’s Chance to Do Right by Transgender Troops

The president should seize the opportunity proposed by his defense secretary to reverse the cruel ban he unveiled on Twitter last summer.

(23/02/2018 @ 23:46)

Op-Ed Columnist: Don’t Count Bibi Out — Yet

There’s a reason Israel’s prime minister has endured.

(24/02/2018 @ 01:42)

Op-Ed Contributor: Australia’s Gun Laws Are Not a Model for America

Australians are scared of guns. Americans love them.

(24/02/2018 @ 01:17)

Op-Ed Columnist: The Politics of Sex (Scandals)

The year the Show Me State saw too much.

(24/02/2018 @ 02:08)

Op-Ed Contributors: Billy Graham, Cold Warrior for God

The American evangelical preached and prayed to secure Europe as a stronghold for American-style democracy, capitalism and Christianity.

(23/02/2018 @ 22:56)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Misguided Drive to Measure ‘Learning Outcomes’

Colleges should stop trivializing the transmission of knowledge.

(24/02/2018 @ 01:17)

Op-Ed Contributor: Protecting America’s Last Great Animal Migrations

Long and vital journeys by elk, mule deer and antelope are being choked off by fences, roads, housing and energy development.

(23/02/2018 @ 17:09)

Vietnam '67: How South Vietnam Defeated Itself

America failed to win the war. But Saigon fell because its government failed to unite its people.

(24/02/2018 @ 03:21)

Editorial: When Charity Workers Turn Predatory

Oxfam’s admission that staff in Haiti paid for sex with desperate local people puts aid groups on notice worldwide.

(24/02/2018 @ 02:14)

Letters: Arming Teachers? The Idea Gets an F

Educators reject the idea out of hand, for varied reasons.

(23/02/2018 @ 20:51)

Letters: ‘I ♥ NY’ Signs

Readers decry a waste of public money.

(23/02/2018 @ 20:29)

Letter: Trump Not a Racist? Bah!

A reader, stunned by a Trump supporter’s claim that the president is not racist, offers a few examples to argue otherwise.

(23/02/2018 @ 20:26)

Letters: Men, Women and Talking About Pornography

Readers respond to a column by Ross Douthat that urged restrictions.

(23/02/2018 @ 19:05)

Letters: Questions for the N.R.A. and Its Members

Readers ask whose freedom counts and wonder when sportsmen will come to their senses.

(23/02/2018 @ 18:42)

Opinion: Let Transgender Americans Continue to Serve in the Military

President Trump’s proposed ban of transgender people is an insult to the thousands already serving capably.

(23/02/2018 @ 17:50)

Trans Americans Like Me Are Worthy of Military Service

President Trump and his proposal to ban transgender people from the military is an insult to the thousands who are already serving capably.

(23/02/2018 @ 17:49)

Op-Ed Columnist: On the Gun Debate

The shooting in Parkland, Fla., has reignited debates about legal priorities in America.

(23/02/2018 @ 15:19)

Op-Ed Columnist: Diet Studies, Decoded

The evidence on what constitutes a healthy diet is actually quite consistent. It’s not very complicated, either.

(23/02/2018 @ 13:09)

Op-Ed Columnist: The De-Trumpification Agenda

Someday, hopefully, we can undo this president’s corruption.

(23/02/2018 @ 10:45)

Op-Ed Columnist: John F. Kelly, Secret Sharer

The terrible compromises of serving Trump.

(23/02/2018 @ 22:53)

Op-Ed Columnist: Am I Going Blind?

My eyesight is in jeopardy. But I see some things more clearly than ever.

(23/02/2018 @ 10:45)

Op-Ed Contributor: Tyranny of the American Visa Regime

Onerous travel restrictions on journalists, academics and students go to the heart of what kind of country the United States wants to be.

(23/02/2018 @ 10:45)

Op-Ed Contributor: Can the German Left Save Itself?

So far, only the far right has been able to capitalize on disenchantment with Angela Merkel’s brand of centrism.

(23/02/2018 @ 07:42)

Op-Ed Columnist: The Virtue of Radical Honesty

Steven Pinker is what we need now.

(23/02/2018 @ 13:04)

Editorial: Let the Teachers Teach

Even police officers often fail to hit their target when they shoot. How much worse would such an unintended consequence be in a crowded school?

(23/02/2018 @ 18:32)

Op-Ed Columnist: Nasty, Brutish and Trump

America’s gun madness is part of an assault on the very idea of community.

(22/02/2018 @ 23:55)

Op-Ed Contributor: The Case for Allowing Felons to Vote

Every American should be able to cast a ballot.

(22/02/2018 @ 23:55)

Editorial: Why Americans Could Believe the Worst From Russian Trolls

What was most disconcerting about the indictment of Russian operatives is what it says about the state of democracy in America.

(23/02/2018 @ 00:18)

Letter: A Student’s Voice for Gun Control

A high school student asks, “Is a child’s freedom not more important than another’s hobby?”

(22/02/2018 @ 22:15)

Letters: Using Our Power to Fight for Gun Laws

Readers respond to articles dealing with guns as a voter’s litmus test and arming school staff members.

(22/02/2018 @ 22:06)

Opinion: Frederick Douglass’s Fight Against Scientific Racism

He understood that the ends to which science could be used were forever bound up with the moral choices of its practitioners.

(23/02/2018 @ 23:37)

Letter: A Push to Lift a Ban on Pell Grants for Prisoners

The Vera Institute of Justice says lifting the ban on Pell Grants for prisoners is a policy that both parties can support.

(22/02/2018 @ 20:18)

Letter: A Force for Market Stability

BlackRock officials write that exchange-traded funds act as forces of stability on high-volume trading days.

(22/02/2018 @ 19:37)

Op-Ed Contributor: A Combat Zone, With Desks

Much of what I learned in the Army is horrifyingly relevant in the classroom.

(22/02/2018 @ 22:04)

Op-Ed Contributor: I’m a Campus Sexual Assault Activist. It’s Time to Reimagine How We Punish Sex Crimes.

We cannot jail, fire or expel our way out of this crisis. We need other options.

(23/02/2018 @ 20:04)

Letter: Immigrants in Prison in Arizona

John R. Lott Jr., president of the Crime Prevention Research Research Center, responds to an editorial that criticized him.

(22/02/2018 @ 15:29)

Op-Ed Columnist: A Better Single-Payer Plan

Expand Medicare, but not forcibly.

(22/02/2018 @ 12:55)

Op-Ed Columnist: Free Speech and the Necessity of Discomfort

Journalism under the siege of the perpetually enraged reader.

(23/02/2018 @ 19:15)

Sunday Review: London’s Concrete Ladders

The city is wilder than we think; that’s what’s clear from up above.

(22/02/2018 @ 11:39)

Op-Ed Contributor: Forced Confessions in Iran’s House of the Dead

“Suicides” at the Evin Prison in Tehran reflect the damage caused by floggings and other practices to break down detainees.

(22/02/2018 @ 05:51)

Editorial: Who Has Innocent Syrians’ Blood on Their Hands?

The enablers of President Bashar al-Assad deserve scorn in light of this week’s slaughter in Ghouta.

(22/02/2018 @ 02:16)

Op-Ed Contributor: Remembering the White Rose

In 1943, a group of Germans who protested against Hitler were executed. Their example is both inspiring and too rare.

(22/02/2018 @ 08:00)

Op-Ed Columnist: Everybody’s Better Than You-Know-Who

Donald Trump: Finally, some good news for James Buchanan.

(22/02/2018 @ 01:53)

Editorial: Trump Tries to Kill Obamacare by a Thousand Cuts

Encouraging junk health policies is the latest proposal that would weaken health care while helping no one.

(21/02/2018 @ 23:55)

Op-Ed Contributor: Billy Graham’s Missed Opportunities

Too often he resisted revising Protestantism to reflect the diversity and knowledge of the modern world.

(21/02/2018 @ 23:55)

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